After organizing a successful college student volunteer program for Banaadir Academy charter school students in Minneapolis, English Language Learner Teacher Brady Fossenbell earned a state-level award from the Minnesota Campus Compact, a group of more than 30 Minnesota colleges and universities that supports civic engagement and democratic renewal.

Fossenbell’s effort centers primarily around a “reading buddy program” that has amassed some 3,400 volunteer hours over the past two school years.  “He set the whole thing up and did much of it on his own time,” said Banaadir Academy Director Shawn Fondow.

Fossenbell said the effort was slow going at first, but he persisted and finally connected with the right people at the University of Minnesota, the school’s primary partner in the program.

The Presidents’ Community Partner Award is granted to community-based organizations that enhance the quality of life in meaningful and measurable ways and engage in the development of sustained, reciprocal partnerships with a college or university, enriching educational and community outcomes.