Beth Ingberg, Counselor and Dean passed on the Woofie Award to Nick Reitenour

As many MTS high school staff know, Nick transitioned from teaching graphic arts to teaching Special Ed in the middle of the year with very little notice.  He jumped into the role with full force, and dedication. There was a need in the MTS District and he filled it. And, not only did he transition to Special Ed, but he gave up a prep time and is still working with the screen printing business in the Digital Media Academy.

It is quite a juggling act to work with both of these wonderful and challenging positions.  Throughout all this transition Nick has not complained once. Everyone truly appreciates his willingness to roll with the changes and do what is best for the students of MTS.  Students and staff count on Nick for his creative, positive energy here at MTS.

Thank you Nick for all that you do!!

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