Check Out Mr. Hall’s 4th Grade’s Limerick Poems

Summer Fun! By Abdi Rahman Ibrahim In the Summer I play with my friend named Mike. He and I both enjoy riding our bikes. We like riding to the park. When we get there, we hear dogs bark. And sometimes we like flying our kites. Winter Go Away! By Ansari Mohamed Very cold winter, when […]


Banaadir Academy is proud to announce we are a site for Reading Corps and Math Corps during the 2014-15 school year!

Compensation and Benefits Training and coaching in curriculum Professional skill building Deeper community involvement Biweekly living allowance Education award and student loan forbearance Health insurance (full-time) Childcare assistance (full-time) Qualifications Strong interest in education, specifically helping young children practice reading skills Experience working with children, preferably as a literacy tutor Dedication to community service Computer […]

Mr. Hall’s Class – Black History Month Project

The 4th Grade Students Highlight Caring and Important African Americans at Banaadir Academy For Black History Month! Carter Godwin Woodson By Zakeria Essa Who is known for being the “Father of Black History Month”? His name is Carter Godwin Woodson. In my report, the reader will learn why he wanted African Americans to be recognized […]

Principal’s Corner

Thankfully, we have put one of the coldest Januarys in recent memory behind us. With five unscheduled school release days due to the cold, our students spent more days at home than in class in January. To recoup a portion of missed instruction time, we have made the following changes to the school calendar: February […]

January Field Trip

Feed My Starving Children By Sakariya A On Friday, January 24, 2014 we went on a field trip. We went to this place called “Feed My Starving Children.” When we got there, we watched a video about how to pack food. Then we cleaned our hands, and we packed a lot of food. We ate […]

Poetry Corner

Mr. Hall’s class Students in Mr. Hall’s fourth grade class wrote some pattern poems! Is On By Ayub M. The book is on The shelf is on The carpet is on The floor is on The building is on The grass is on The ground is on The earth. Bothering By Yassin S. The bird […]

Tips to Prepare for State Tests

State tests are used to show what students are learning in class. It is important to do your best on these tests. Here are some tips for how you can show what you know, and get your best score! Every day: Participate and pay attention in class. Read for at least 30 minutes. Do your […]

Featured Classroom

Middle School Science By 7th and 8th grade science Mr. John’s science class has been learning about plants. Every Wednesday, they do a dissection of a different animal organ. A dissection is when scientists carefully cut up a plant or animal organ and look closely at what is inside. Some of the students shared about […]