Check Out Mr. Hall’s 4th Grade’s Limerick Poems

Summer Fun!
By Abdi Rahman Ibrahim

In the Summer I play with my friend named Mike.
He and I both enjoy riding our bikes.
We like riding to the park.
When we get there, we hear dogs bark.
kiteAnd sometimes we like flying our kites.

Winter Go Away!
By Ansari Mohamed

Very cold winter, when will you please go away?
winterI love it when you snow, but I hate it when you stay!
For five months you have been here.
And I hope that spring will appear.
I want to play outside and have fun on the first warm day.

flowerThe Beautiful Flower
By Hakimo Mohamed

Once there was a flower that came from Brazil.
It was very beautiful and grew by a windmill.
It shone very brightly.
And it looked really friendly.
A duck waddled by and plucked it with its bill.

flowersBlooming Flowers
By Ilhan Jama   

Blooming flowers here and there.
Blooming flowers everywhere!
There is one under a maple tree.
There is one giving pollen to a honey bee.
And there is one being eaten by a bear!

frogFrogs in the Pond
By Ilhan Jama

There are three frogs in the pond.
Two frogs jumped on the lawn.
One climbed up a tree.
The other one got stung by a bee.
And the last one got eaten by a swan.

castleThe Poem Reader
By Kowsar Ali

There once was a girl who was fourteen.
She lived in a castle with a queen.
She wrote poems that rhymed.
And she enjoyed reading them all the time.
One day she read a poem that caused a scene.

cowgirlThe Cowgirl
By Maryan Adirahman

There once was a cowgirl named Jane.
She had fun riding the wide open range.
Her horse was big and fast.
And it loved eating fresh grass.
The cowgirl also liked playing rodeo games.

winningteamThe Winning Team
By Mohamed Ahmed

There once was a basketball team.
It had a winning scheme.
Jordan skillfully dunked the ball.
He did not let the game stall.
And all the fans would scream!

mouseThe Field Mouse
By Mumtaz Abdi

There once was a small field mouse.
He lived in a big white house.
The creature’s name was Billy.
And he liked being silly.
He also played with his friends in a tree house.

catThe Happy Cat
 By Muna Ali

There once was a gray happy cat.
It enjoyed being lazy and fat.
The cat’s favorite food was tuna.
And it always had fun playing with Muna.
It also learned how to fly like a bat.

dogfrogThe Dog and the Frog
By Said Hirsi

There once was a green and black tree frog.
And its best friend was a dog.
The frog jumped on the dog’s back.
And it wanted a ride called a piggyback.
The dog started to run like a hog.

dogThe Dog on the Street
By Yassin Sahal

There once was a dog that lived on a street.
And every night you could hear him weep.
The children were not home all summer long.
This made the poor dog bark a sad song.
Sometimes you would find him asleep.

cheeseThe Mouse and Cheese
By Zakeria Essa

There once was a very nice mouse.
It lived in a cozy warm house.
He loved eating cheddar cheese.
But it always made him sneeze.
Then he told his spouse.

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