Featured Cadet: Keith

Way to go, Cadet Keith Addy! What does it take to be the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy Cadet of the Month? “Hard work, volunteer to help and show you’re dedicated,” said Keith, Sophomore and September JROTC Cadet of the Month. And that’s just what he’s done. “I come in early, help with whatever needs to be done. It’s fun to work hard!”

Cadet Keith lives in Maple Grove and commutes by bus and train to the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy every school day. He’s wanted to be in JROTC since he was in seventh grade. “I love getting students into formation and doing drills and marching them. It’s great,” Keith said. Watching the more than 60 JROTC students at the Leadership Academy, dressed in their uniforms practice color guard, marching, and preparing for competitions to be led by Keith and other students, it’s easy to see the life-skills and character this program builds in students. Students learn discipline, leadership, teamwork, helping people in the community and so much more. And beyond that, it’s a remarkable way to get to know fellow students. “ We all come from different backgrounds here.

Some of us live in shelters, some are wealthy and we all understand each other. We’re friends. We’re actually like a family.“ Maybe that’s the real power of a High School JROTC program. Keith is in his first year of JROTC and has already risen to the rank of Cadet Sergeant First Class and he is serving as a platoon seargent leading about 30 other cadets . When asked about some of his goals “It would be a real honor to be a Battalion Leader … and I want to be an officer.”

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