Featured Cadet: Kenjin

Cadets at the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy are exploring what it takes to be leaders and what it takes to excel, learn and build futures. As part of the Junior ROTC program, staff leaders identify an exceptional Cadet each month who shows dedication and success in the program.

The November Cadet of the Month is Freshman, Kenjin. Kenjin toured the school this summer and then went on all 3 summerJROTC test drives – Camp Ripley, Base Camp and Iduhapi. “I got a real sense of what the program was like before I started.” When school started, Kenjin started to show his strengths and abilities. He jumped right in and is Cadet Sergeant, a real team leader tasked with taking care of the team. “Sometimes I have to step in and tell people to do things.” That kind of leadership is what the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy encourages.

When asked why he thought he was selected as the Cadet of the month, his response was: “I do what I say I’ll do, I have a tendency to help people and I keep my grades up.” And he is right. The feeling of connection is at the heart of the Leadership Academy. The JROTC students work together on a number of community projects and events. “This is a really great program. I really fit in. It feels like we’re siblings. It’s really nice to know that people have your back, and you’ve got theirs.”

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