Featured Cadets: Jashley & Khadijah

Freshman Cadet Jashley loves the uniform, the friendships and the opportunity for leadership at the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy. “The uniforms are the best part! They make me feel important. And most of the other Cadets are nice and we have most of our classes together.”

Cadet Jashley transferred to the Leadership Academy this fall and has she not only loved it, but she has really soared. When asked why she thinks she was honored with Cadet of the month she knows. “I have good grades, I’m respectful and I try to show leadership most of the time. It’s a great program.” She toured the school this fall and was shown the Academy and thought she’d try it and it has been a great fit for her. She takes the bus from Brooklyn Center and appreciates the small class sizes and this premiere program that focuses on leadership, responsibility and teamwork.

“The best part of this program is that it gives kids the leadership. Grown-ups don’t get to do everything. And, you get to guide cadets in what to do sometimes and not have to be mean about it, you’re put in more leadership positions.”

Congratulations, Cadet Jashley, you really exemplify what the Leadership Academy Program is all about.

December Cadet of the month, Khadijah has been part of the JROTC program for a little over a year and she rose to the top of the ranks almost right away. She takes her role as a student seriously and is using it to set goals and reach them, in the Leadership Academy, with her schoolwork and in her life planning.

“I’m the S3, in charge of training and operations. I schedule and plan events and write after action reviews. I have a lot of responsibility.” In fact she works so hard, she’s been referred to as a rock star by army leadership. Not only is Cadet Khadijah showing initiative in the JROTC program, she is also participating in an Internship program here at MTS called City as a School. “It’s great, I’m working in a dental clinic for my internship. I’m interested in dentistry and in being an entreprenuer.”

When asked about her selection as student of the month, she smiled, “I’m a leader. I’m a quiet leader. I have good grades, good behavior and I work hard.”

“I am in this program for the leadership. There are so many opportunities. We do great things out in the community and I love the field trips. This program is a great opportunity for students and JROTC students have higher graduation rates.”

But perhaps the most important thing the General Colin L. Powell Leadership can help you with is learning about your potential. “The Leadership Academy really gives you an opportunity and the initiative to stand out and teach you about yourself. It teaches you about your strengths and weaknesses — of yourself and teammates. It’s a great experience.”

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