Featured Classroom – December 2012

By Mrs. PattersonThe second graders in Ms. Patterson’s and Ms. Katy’s class planted tulip bulbs early this winter before the snowfall. First, we dug a trough about ten inches deep by the ground windows of the school in the flowerbed. Next, we dropped the tulip bulbs into the long hole and spaced them about six inches apart. Then, we covered the bulbs with peat moss, which serves as a sort of food for the flowers. We covered the bulbs with dirt, and placed some cedar mulch on top everything. The cedar mulch serves as a blanket. Finally, we watered the tulips and wished them well. Happy slumber, little bulbs! We look forward to seeing you come up in the spring!

“Planting tulips was awesome.” –Ms. Katy

“I enjoyed planting these with my students and Ms. Katy, especially because this is the first year in our new school. I hope the tulips we planted return year after year to commemorate our existence here. –Ms. Patterson Let’s hear from the students about the project!

What was your favorite thing about planting the bulbs?
“Digging up the ground.” –Mustafa
“When we were watering them.” –Hamdi A.
“Giving them food and water.” –Yacoub

When do you think our tulips will come up?
“When it is sunny.” –Mustafa

What color are the tulips going to be?
“Green.” –Hamdi M.
“Red.” –Hamdi A.

What do you think our little bulbs are doing right now?
“They are trying to feel the weather… if it is cold or hot yet.” –Mustafa
“I think they are really sleepy.” –Hamdi A, Redwan and Abdullahi A.

What did you learn?
“I know that you need water to plant things.” –Amina S.
“Bulbs have little curly things on them…the roots.” –Najma
“The plant needs food.” –Mohamud
“You can plant the tulip bulbs in winter before the snow or in the fall.” –Abdullahi G.
“The tulip stem and leaves are green before it blooms.” –Amina S.

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