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From Mr. Potts’ Physical Education:

Class Families and students of Banaadir,

It has been a great first few weeks of school for all of us! We have worked very hard in Physical Education class! Our students have learned a lot of their classroom procedures for how they exercise in school and what their expectations are in class. Some of the areas we have worked on are improving our fitness level through walking and running, muscle strength with our push-ups and sit-ups and flexibility with all of our stretching. gymOctWe have also continued to try and improve some of our skills in soccer and football.

Through the year we will work on many areas to include most team sports to include basketball and baseball and the skill like catching, hitting, and throwing that go along with them. As I mentioned, it has been a great start to the school year and I look forward to continuing to work with all our students
throughout the year and meet you during parent-teacher conferences this fall.

“Remember your Tennis shoes,”
Mr. Potts

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