Featured Field Trips – March 2013

"A group of Middle School girls gather around a fire they built."

“A group of Middle School girls gather around a fire they built.”


In February, the fourth grade, fifth grade, and Middle School went snowshoeing! Let’s hear from the students about what some of the fun things they did.

By Hana Muhumed
On the field trip day, we did a lot of different things. We built a fire and a shelter. Also we went snowshoeing, climbed a big hill, saw squirrel tracks, and we played in the snow. We collected sticks to make our fire. We used matches, newspaper and oxygen to help the fire get going. My favorite part was making the shelter because it was my first day that I built a shelter. Also, it took us a lot of time to build it. We had to find a good place, but it was all fine because Ms. Staire helped us.

By Nimo Aden

"The teachers enjoyed the snowshoeing field trip too."

“The teachers enjoyed the snowshoeing field trip too.”

On the snowshoeing field trip we learned how to use the snowshoes and we learned that many different states have different types of snowshoes. We also used GPS to find what our group needed to find (cache). We than got to make s’mores over a fire. We also played a game called “All my friends.”  It was a fun field trip to go on.

"Our snowshoeing field trip was fun!"

“Our snowshoeing field trip was fun!”

By Miski
The snowshoeing field trip was actually kind of fun. Me and my friends liked it. We got to go snow shoeing. The guy who was leading us was kind and polite. He told us what to do step by step. We even made a small fire. We got a GPS to find our groups cache. My group found Hershey’s. Before we were able to go on the field trip we had to wear: jackets, warm gloves, snow pants, and boots. We went for a walk on the snow. When we came back Mr. Hall took a picture of me and Naima.

The Field trip to the Library

By Mumtaza and Ahmed

On Wednesday, February 6, the Banaadir third grade classes went to the Hennepin County Downtown Central library. Let’s read about the students’ visit!

It was very fun at the Hennepin County library because we got to read, and we had a tour guide with us! Mr. Edwards and Ms. Javitch split both classrooms into groups, and Ms. Sahro was in the library too. We had so much fun that the students didn’t want to go for busing! Me and Amal were having so much fun in the elevator!

I even got to see the library’s piano. A person was playing on it. He wasn’t even looking at us. He was focused on the piano. Then we went to the children’s book place, where there were lots of books for children, including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Naruto, Goosebumps and Captain Underpants. Students with a library card were able to check out books.

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