Featured Field Trips – The Science Museum of Minnesota – December 2012

By Khalid OsmanThe science museum is a place that you can learn at least five true facts about science. Also you will have a fun trip because you can learn many things that you never knew before. So I will persuade students to go to the science museum for science information.

It is a fun place to go and you can see shows about things in the museum. We went to the museum to learn about science, and we were studying about weather. In the past, there was a tornado that destroyed a lot of houses and buildings. I learned that if you are in a cage and lightning strikes it, you will not get hurt. But, if there is lightning, do not sit by the windows, and do not fly a kite.

At the science museum, you can also make things. There’s a computer that tells you how to do experiments. We learned about volcanoes. If you go to the science museum, you can learn more experiments. Mostly when you go to middle school you should go there.

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