Featured Field Trips

Fire Safety Week
By Mrs. HaydenTo honor fire safety week in October, a guest from the Minneapolis Fire Department came to talk to us at our school. She showed us her fire gear that she would wear if she had to go in to a burning building. She also talked about how to be safe and how to STOP, DROP and ROLL to put out a fire if our clothes catch on fire. We also had four firemen bring a truck to our school! They let us climb into the back of the truck, look out the front window and check out the equipment they use to put out fires. As we came around the truck, we were able to see the long hoses stacked in the back of the truck, plus other essential equipment. What a great experience to see what our firefighters do to help us. Thank you Minneapolis Fire Department!!

Black Storytelling festival
By Abdulrahman MohamedMs. Javitch’s 3rd grade class went to see the Black Storytellers Alliance during the 18th annual Black Storytelling festival at the Urban Research and Outreach Engagement Center. It was great! It was like music in my ears. The classes liked hearing the songs. I liked the story. Banaadir 3rd and 4th graders liked it. We wish we could go there again. It was fun and we liked it. It was awesome. Our trip was a blast. They were great. I think more people should go to the story tellers

The Minnesota Arboretum
By Mrs. Law

Mr. Heyer’s and Mrs. Law’s kindergarten classes went to the Minnesota Arboretum in Chaska on October 11. The kindergarten students attended a puppet show where they met the “Talking Tree” and learned about animals that live in the forest! They also got to search for bugs that help turn leaves and dead trees into soil. The best part was the hike through the woods where kindergarten got to see all the decorated scarecrows! Thank you to Mrs. Uzendoski, Ms. Faiza, and our parent volunteers for helping on the field trip. Kindergarten had a great time!

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