April is state testing month at MTCS schools. These tests are important to help staff understand where students are and help them reach their greatest success. Students and their teachers work hard throughout the year to learn the necessary information, and the test is the culmination of all that work.

Here are some important things to remember on testing days:

  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest before every test.
  • Serve your child a healthy breakfast on the test day.
  • Have your child dress comfortably and arrive at school on time.
  • Send your child off to school with words of praise and support.
  • Suggest that your child do deep breathing exercises to relax before the test begins.
  • Tell your child to follow directions carefully, and ask questions if something is not clear.
  • Remind your child to check over answers before turning in the test
  • Encourage wanting to do well, but stress that one test won’t measure all your child can do.