Graduation Speeches 2013

May 2013, Banaadir Academy celebrated its first graduation ceremony in our new building. The event was attended by over a hundred family and friends and was a huge success. Some of the main highlights were the great speeches written by our students. We are so proud of you all!

They can be seen below.

You know why we wanted to share our speeches with you? It’s because we always wanted to share something with you guys. I’ve been in this school about three years. Yes, I have been bullied but I never let that stop me. Because when you bully, it just proves you are a person that doesn’t care about anybody.
“A man will never take a relationship seriously until he takes himself seriously.” That’s what my old tutor told me. But this school changed me. I used to be anti-social. But it changed when I began to have friends.
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Hi, I’m Lamiya Said. I’m a fifth grader at Bannadir Academy. Banaadir is one of my favorite schools and fifth grade was my favorite grade!

Mr. Kommavang is my favorite fifth grade teacher because when I don’t know how to do a math problem, he always helps! He also helps the rest of my classmates when they are having a hard time.
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Today, we are here at Banaadir Academy to celebrate the success of all the students at Banaadir, but especially the kindergarteners and fifth and eighth graders.

We need to cherish this moment. We have just finished another year of our education. We are one year closer to our goal of going to college.
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Welcome to Banaadir School K, 5th and 8th grade graduation. I welcome you and it is an honor to have you come.

Today is a big day for our graduates, knowing they will graduate. They should know that the future is depending upon them. They are a big part of our future.

I want to thank my parents for raising me and they taught me well. They also sent me to a school that had wonderful teachers. I want to thank my teachers for doing the most important job—Educating me!
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Welcome everyone to this special day! We students have just finished another year of school. This year, I learned a lot of things.

I would like to thank my teachers for teaching me so much. I learned how important word work and math is.
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Hi my name is Sumaya Karie and I want to welcome you to the 6th annual graduation at Banaadir Academy. I want to share with you my exciting year in 5th grade. I had two very great teachers: Mr.Kommovang and Mr. Hutchins. Without them, I wouldn’t be here standing in front of you today.

As a young kid, I always struggled with math and had a strong hatred towards it. But with Mr. Kommovang, he made math look like a piece of cake. However, I love reading. Mr. Hutchins would give us silent reading time, and I must say, it was my favorite time of the day; I always looked forward to it. I love reading to the point where the teacher would have take my book away like three times a week.
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Hello. My name is Yousef Musse and I’m happy to represent Mr.Kommang’s fifth grade. I would like to thank some people who have helped me to make this graduation possible.

First off, my mom, because she took us to this school and took us to tutoring. Then, my dad, because he paid for some of the tutoring. Then I need to thank some of my teachers like Mr. Hutchins and the substitute teachers and Mr. Kommavang.
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