March Leadership Lab

On March 12th JROTC Cadets participated in a Leadership Lab at the University of Minnesota. Leadership Labs are scheduled monthly field trips to the U of M where JROTC Cadets get to work with SROTC cadets. The University senior cadets take time out of their busy schedules to teach, coach and mentor the high school cadets in team building and decision making practical exercises.

The Cadets practice drill and ceremony, military customs, traditions and courtesies and physical training. They go on campus tours and spend time with senior cadets discussing life on the university campus, attending college and SROTC options. This is a great opportunity for both senior and junior ROTC cadets to connect, bond and learn from each other. During the March Leadership Lab, senior and junior cadets also competed in a friendly game of basketball and dodgeball. The next Leadership Lab is scheduled for April 25th.

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