Meet Your Teachers – December 2012

Ms. Nicewander
Interviewed by Ms. Nicewander’s Power Hour group

Najeeb: What’s your favorite hobby?
I love to play piano!

Bilal: If you were a super hero, what power would you want to have?
I’d want an amazing memory, so I could know the names of all the students at Banaadir.

Abdullahi: Why do you want to remember all the students’ names?
Then I can be everyone’s friend!

Fatuma: What did you want to be when you were little? Why?
I wanted to be a photographer so that I could travel all around the world.

Yahye: What’s your favorite day of the week? And do you like candy?
My favorite day is Friday, and I love candy (well, mostly chocolate)!

Najeeb: Why are you a teacher?
I’m a teacher because I like to help students who are trying to learn a new language. That’s a hard thing to do, so it makes me very happy to help them.

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