The mother of a “literary junkie,” Elizabeth Davitch of St. Paul is a proud parent of a Minnesota Virtual High School (MNVHS) grad, Lylia.

The family is having a party. “We’re celebrating as she overcame some big hurdles,” the mom said.

Lylia’s coach at MNVHS was sending emails and calling frequently, encouraging her to keep on going, and to not give up. The mother told her daughter that once she had her dipoloma in hand, she would feel like she’s on top of the world and had accomplished something great.

The new grad had a fantastic math teacher, Davitch said, and the school was responsive. “They helped her through all the mastery tests- reiterating everything she was learning.”

Lylia created a board game as part of an English class and the school required full participation. It included a 20-slide presentation, a talk about the romantic era, 40 solid questions, architecture and color coded cards. “She really did amazing. She’s an artist,” Davitch said. The English teacher reinfored her with kudos.

Davitch also has a son at MNVHS, who will be a senior. “Each teacher brought their own amazing skills and expertise to the table for each of my children. There was never a negative tone. Everything’s just really upbeat.”

Lylia is very independent, her mother says, and wants to join the Peace Corps to “pass on” the help and support she’s received.