Mr. Hall’s Class – Black History Month Project

The 4th Grade Students Highlight Caring and Important African Americans at Banaadir Academy For Black History Month!
Carter Godwin Woodson
By Zakeria Essa
Who is known for being the “Father of Black History Month”? His name is Carter Godwin Woodson. In my report, the reader will learn why he wanted African Americans to be recognized for their accomplishments in February of each year.

Carter Godwin Woodson was born on December 19, 1875 in New Canton, Virginia. His parents were slaves. After the Civil War, his father moved Carter and the rest of his family members to West Virginia.

Woodson’s parents taught him about the importance of education for black people. This motivated him to study African American history and later write the Journal of Negro History.

Since Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas were both born in February and worked together for the abolishment of slavery, Woodson along with others decided to label this period of the year Black History Month. During this month, African Americans are given recognition for their accomplishments.

In conclusion, I feel that Carter Godwin Woodson believed that it was important to give African Americans recognition for their accomplishments. That is why he helped establish Black History Month.

Mr. Hall’s class recognizes heroes and role models in our own community:

fartunMs. Fartun Abdulahi

Job Title: Banaadir Academy School Secretary

Recognition For:
Being a supportive and positive role model who helps students to be successful at Banaadir Academy.




mahadMr. Abdimahad Mohamed

Job Title: Banaadir Academy’s Parent Liaison

Recognition For:
Effectively working with students, parents and staff to help make Banaadir Academy a great school.



 hamzaMr. Hamza Burton

Job Title: Banaadir Academy Recovery Room Specialist

Recognition For:
Helping students understand the importance of making good decisions at Banaadir Academy.



ShamsoMs. Shamso Abdinur

Job Title: Banaadir Academy Teacher’s Aid

Recognition For:
Providing students positive and supportive help in the Arabic classroom and creating a safe environment for them on the playground at Banaadir Academy.



 shukriMs. Shukri Yusuf

Job Title: Banaadir Academy Paraprofessional

Recognition For:
Creatively motivating kindergarten and first grade students to learn how to read at Banaadir Academy.



ubahMs. Ubah Yusuf

Job Title: Banaadir Academy Lunchroom Aid

Recognition For:
Serving healthy lunches to students with a pleasant and helpful personality at Banaadir Academy.



zakMr. Zakeria Hassan

Job Title: Banaadir Academy Paraprofessional

Recognition For:
Providing students positive and supportive help in the classroom, lunchroom and on the playground at Banaadir Academy.


AyanMs. Ayan Hassan

Work Title: Banaadir Academy Office Administrator

Recognition For:
Greeting students with a smiling face each day to make them feel happy about being at Banaadir Academy.



DebraMs. Debra Jackson

Work Title: Banaadir Academy Lunchroom Supervisor

Recognition For:
Providing healthy breakfasts and lunches for students on a daily basis at Banaadir Academy.




jamaMr. Ahmed Jama

Job Titles: Banaadir Academy Paraprofessional and Middle School Soccer Coach

Recognition For:
Showing students how to have self-control and build positive relationships with each other at Bannadir Academy.



yasminMs. Yasmine Sidibe

Job Title: Banaadir Academy Guest Teacher

Recognition For:
Creating fun and challenging ways for students to learn at Banaadir Academy.



shamarkeMr. Sharmarke Elmi

Job Title: Banaadir Academy Arabic Teacher

Recognition For:
Teaching students to succeed at speaking and writing the Arabic language at Banaadir Academy.




suadMs. Suad Aden

Job Title: Banaadir Academy Teacher’s Aid

Recognition For:
Assisting teachers to address students’ many needs and providing them a safe environment on the playground at Banaadir Academy.



yusufMr. Yusuf Muse

Work Title: Banaadir Academy English Language Learner Paraprofessional

Recognition For:
Making learning fun for new English language learners at Banaadir Academy.

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