MTS Elementary Portfolio Night & Science Exhibit

Nearly 150 students and their family joined MTS staff for Portfolio Night & Science Exhibit on Thursday, May 15. Portfolio Night is time for students to show-off what they have learned during the school year. Elementary Science FairThey gathered a variety of reading, math and writing assignments in their portfolios. Students then play a math game or spend time in a reading center to demonstrate for their families how it works ‘during the school day’. They can visit support teachers and other areas of the school, too. Lastly, families gathered around the science displays in the lab and students explained what they’d studied for several weeks in the science unit during Family Group.

Elementary Science Fair“Look, Mom, we made a hot air balloon and it really went up!” laughed one young student, showing pictures of the tissue paper balloon’s flight on the display board, and video footage of the ‘flight’ on the iPad.
Other science studies during this unit were: exploring taste, fitness and health, catapults and pulleys gardening/growing ‘student Chia Pets’ and more. Some students even set off a vinegar and soda powered rocket down the school hallway!

What is Family Group? Family groups at MTS meet each Friday morning with 2 teachers and fellow students Kindergarten through Grade 5. There are nine groups total and the same student groups meet for the whole year. Students learn from and help each other. The fifth and final Family Group unit study was science, in preparation for the Science Exhibit Night. In the fall each Family Group studied what it meant to be a community, the next unit was Celebrations around the World. Elementary Science FairIn January careers were featured; where dozens of parents and professionals came and talked about their careers. Just before Spring Break the topic was Art and Artists.

Family Groups and Family Nights are just another way MTS Elementary commits to learning, experience and exploration – together.

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