Nick R., passes Woofie Award to Art teacher, Dawn S.!

The MTS High Woofie Award was presented to Dawn S. who constantly goes the distance to support new teachers, fellow staff and students. She is always willing to lend supplies and help. Her dedication is impressive, you will find her at the school into the evening preparing for the next day. And when you come to the high school the first time, you will be impressed by the mural she helped students create.

“Here’s what Nick said, “Being a new teacher at MTS this year, one thing I really appreciated was how during the first few weeks of school Dawn would often stop by my classroom to see if I had any questions or if I needed any help with anything.

Dawn is the kind of person who sees that help is needed and jumps in and helps. She often stays after school to help with a backed-up t-shirt order. She is dependable, never complaining. Recently, when I was away, Dawn organized students from art and design classes to complete an important t-shirt order on time. When I returned, a few of those students just beamed about the great job they had done and I could tell what a strong sense of accomplishment they felt.

Thanks for all you do Dawn and enjoy your week with Woofie!”

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