Our Amazing Sumner Library

By Nadir Mohamed, Naima Iman and Nasriin Thair

Banaadir fourth grade is lucky because every Friday, we get to walk to the best Hennepin County Library in Minneapolis. The Sumner library is a couple blocks away from school.

SumnerOctThe Sumner Library is about 98 years old. It has a fireplace because yearsago, that’s how they stayed warm! Ninety eight years ago, the library didn’t have computers either! The library was remodeled a few years ago.

We get to choose books to check out. They have super books, like Dragon Ball Z (Nadir’s favorite), One Direction (Nasriin’s favorite) and Harry Potter (Naima’s favorite). We can also order books from other libraries. Sumner librarians are nice and helpful.

It’s really great to walk to the library too because we can talk on the way. The bad news is that there are bees bothering us while we are walking.

We are so lucky that we have the best library because it’s so close and so beneficial to us!

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