Poetry Corner

Mr. Hall’s class
Students in Mr. Hall’s fourth grade class wrote some pattern poems!
Is On
By Ayub M.

The book is on
The shelf is on
The carpet is on
The floor is on
The building is on
The grass is on
The ground is on
The earth.

By Yassin S.

The bird is bothering
The dog is bothering
The puppy is bothering
The duck is bothering
The frog is bothering
The dove is bothering
The bunny is bothering
The rabbit is bothering
The horse is bothering
The zebra is bothering me.

My Pattern Book
By Kawthar A.

A- My name is Alice, and my friend’s name is Andrew. We come from Alaska, and we sell apples. Andrews is an alligator. Alice is an ant.

B- My name is Barbra, and my friend’s name is Bob. We come from Black Rocks, and we sell blueberries. Barbra is a bobcat. Bob is a beetle bug.

catC- My name is Ceca, and my friend’s name is Carl. We come from California, and we sell cranberries. Ceca is a cat. Carl is a canary.

D- My name is Darlene, and my friend’s name is Darian. We come from Denmark, and we sell donuts. Darlene is a dog. Darian is a donkey.

E- My name is Eva, and my friend’s name is Erick. We come from England, and we sell eggs. Eva is an eagle. Erick is an elephant.

fishF- My name is Francis, and my friend’s name is Franklin. We come from Florida, and we sell fish. Francis is a fly. Franklin is frog.

G- My name is Gloria, and my friend’s name is Glen. We come from Georgia, and we sell grapes. Gloria is a glowworm. Glen is a gecko.

H- My name is Helen, and my friend’s name is Hank. We come from Holland, and we sell handkerchiefs. Helen is a hen. Hank is a hog.

icecreamI- My name is Isabelle, and my friend’s name is Ian. We come from Illinois, and we sell ice cream. Isabelle is an icicle. Ian is an ice pick.

J- My name is Jan, and my friend’s name is James. We come from Jamestown and we sell jam. Jan is a jaybird. James is a jackal.

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