Student Highlights 2

Squish Squash
By Ms. Katy

Athletic, strong, funny, fast and friendly. These are just a few words to describe our fellow Banaadir Eagles, Humza and Abdullahi. Humza is ten years old and in the 5th grade. Abdullahi is eleven years old and in the 6th grade. Both students would like to join the basketball team this year and have made a mutual goal to help each other become better team players.

squishSquashThis year Humza read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” which he thoroughly enjoyed. Humza’s favorite type of novels is comedies. On the other hand, Abdullahi enjoys action novels. This year Abdullahi read Spider man and now considers it his favorite work of literature.

Abdullahi and Humza’s favorite part of the day is playing basketball with Ms Katy. When it comes to favorite subjects in school, Abdullahi and Humza have different interests. Humza enjoys Arabic while Abdullahi loves science. When I asked both scholars what they would like to be when they grow up, they both had an answer right away.

Humza would like to be a professional basketball player. When I asked him why, his response was “Because I’m a beast.” In other words, because he plays well. Abdullahi would like to become a policeman when he grows up. When I asked him why, his response was “I want to catch the evil villains”. In other words, Abdullahi would like to help innocent people from others that are making bad choices.

It’s no surprise that when I asked Humza who he admired, he said Michael Jordan. It has always been a dream of Humza’s to become the best basketball player he can be. Abdullahi admires Justin Bieber because he enjoys his talent and music. Outside of school, Humza likes spending time with his dad and playing basketball. Abdullahi enjoys running, playing soccer and bike races.

When asked if the boys would like to add anything to the interview they said yes! Two words: Swish Squash!!

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