Student Voices – 2013

capital3Visit to the State Capitol

My visit to the Capitol

By Fathuma M

On March 6, I went to the capitol for Minnesota charter school day. At the capital I went to a building next to the capitol. We saw some statues of people that were in war. We got to meet and ask questions to a Minnesota senator. We saw other kids at the capitol. We even went on a tour through the tunnels under the capitol. During the trip, I got to meet new kids on the way! I got a cool name tag to wear around my neck plus I got a folder of a map of the capitol. Later, I came home. It was a lot of fun! My favorite part was at the capitol and the place where we saw people taking pictures and broadcasting there.

"This is when I was at the capitol."

“This is when I was at the capitol.”

My Day at the Capitol: 3/26/2013By Bilal A

I enjoyed my time at the capitol. Even though I was nervous, by the time I left I was happy because I saw so many important senators at the capitol.

Playing on the Banaadir Basketball Team

By Mustaf Jama and Mohamed Ahmed

basketball1Playing on the Banaadir basketball team was a lot of fun. The fourth graders on the team were Mustaf, Mohamed,
Ridwan, Bishar, Hamza, and Masuud. The fifth graders on the team were Mustafa, Mohamud, Zakeriya, and Adan. Mr. Phillips was the coach. We won 3 times. My favorite part was when I stole the ball. When I got the ball, I passed it to Mustafa and Mustafa shot and made it so we won. When we played the other team, they looked easy but soon they were hard. It was fun playing on the court. We got to shoot and play.

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