Student Voices – February 2013

My Winter Break – By By Mustafa Salad

I did many things over break. However, my favorite was basketball! I play for my community center. All of my teammates go to Ann Sullivan except Mohamud and me. I played on the same team last year, so we are all good friends. My position is shooting guard on the team Coyle Stars. When I’m open, my point guard gives me an assist and I shoot and score!! When I’m not open, I will pass to a teammate who’s open. Hopefully they can shoot. We won our first game 38-3. I made some layups and free throws. We passed the ball around a lot. The game felt like practice. Basketball is my favorite sport. I’m glad I can play it during break.

Fire at Lyndale – By Afifa Ahmed

Last night at 6:00 pm (January 24, 2013), I was scared. There was a fire right next to our building. They were cooking pizza and one got burned. It caused a BIG fire! My dad told us to get our coats and clothes on and to go outside. Me and my sister were freezing because we forgot our gloves and hats. There were so many ambulances, fire trucks and police all over. My dad had gone all around the building we live in, telling people to get out because of the fire. Luckily, no one got hurt.
This morning, there were still fire trucks there and the street was closed. No one can come in, except the fire trucks. My bus had to go to the parking lot because of the fire.

Why I Like Summer – By Ahmed Abdulkadir

My name is Ahmed. This essay is about why I like my summer. First, I like soccer camp. Second, I like swimming. Third, I like my relatives coming over. Summer is a fun time!My first reason of liking summer is soccer camp. My dad signs me up. It is awesome. I enjoy competing in the Northeast Soccer League. In 2011, I played for the Blizzards. Unfortunately, I broke my collarbone and missed the last three games. Summer is a great season to play soccer.

My second reason of why I like summer is swimming at the Windom Park Pool. I always race by running in the pool. I play water volleyball, too. I am a pretty good server. I fight for the ball. It is phenomenal! Summer is a terrific time to be in the pool.

My third reason of enjoying summer is my relatives. I visit or they come to me. Most of the time, my relatives are from my mom’s side. Most of them are girls. I would rather watch and play on my computer than listen to all of their stories. I look forward to summer to see my relatives.
I enjoy my summers because of soccer camp, swimming and my relatives. I hope you enjoy my essay. This is why I like summer.

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