Teacher Trivia – February 2013

Which staff member has flown an airplane ?

  1. Mrs. Minion
  2. Mr. Dwyer
  3. Mrs. Law
  4. Mr. Fondow
  5. Mrs. Hayden

Please write on a piece of paper: Your name Your teacher’s name Your answer Turn it into the trivia envelope in your classroom before February 8. Students that select the correct answer will win a prize!

Check back at this page in March to see the correct answer!

Last Month’s Trivia

Which staff member rode their bike from Seattle to San Francisco? (That is over 800 miles!)

  1. Mrs. Uzendoski
  2. Mr. Thurston
  3. Mr. Kommavang
  4. Mrs. Patterson
  5. Mrs. Wagner

The answer is Mrs. Wagner! Congratulations to the December trivia winners!

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