This week’s Cool Tool: Gossip

Talking is how you spread your thoughts, ideas, and experiences to people around you. It can be a great thing, but sometimes we hear others being disrespectful, and sometimes, words can hurt. Saying mean things and telling stories that you’re not sure are true, or are ways that people spread gossip, and it’s not good.

When you are talking with your friends, try to avoid talking about things that would embarrass another person. Before you say something, try this test: Ask yourself if you would want other people to know that kind of stuff about you. Of course, sometimes it’s OK to talk about another person, especially if it involves dangerous behavior. In cases like that, you need to tell a parent or another trusted adult. Telling an adult who can help is not gossiping.

The best way to avoid being a part of the gossip in your school is to stay away from people who gossip.If you hear a rumor, don’t repeat it — and don’t listen to it, either. And when someone trusts you with a personal secret, keep it to yourself.

If you’re the victim of gossip, know that this happens to a lot of people. Talking to a close friend, sister, brother, parent, or teacher can help you feel better. Stick with friends who would rather live their own fun lives than talk about someone else’s!

Posted in Banaadir Academy, MTS District.