Trade Skills Academy Students Build and Take Home Bikes!

There were lots of proud smiles on Tuesday when MTS Trade Skills students wheeled in the products of a four week bicycle mechanics seminar with Venture North Bicycles. Students met once a week for four hours with Venture North staff. They learned the basics of bike repair and and maintenance and built their own bikes from new and used parts.

trades-bikesTwo of the eight participants were intrigued enough with the work that they are now pursuing an All About Bikes internships with the shop. All About Bikes( AAB) is a hands-on mechanics training course intended to serve as the equivalent to one season in a bike shop. In AAB interns discuss bicycle history, perform repair assessment, hone fine-tuned motor skills, and transform into aspiring tradespeople with an applicable and adaptable skill set. AAB focuses on the concepts of quality, pride, language as a tool, knowledge of self, connectedness to community, and sustainability.

MTS Trade Skills Academy trains its students to become skilled workers in the construction and trades industries, through project based learning, interaction with professional tradespeople, and internships in our communities.

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