Woofie Award, Celebrating MTS Academic Dean, Beth Ingberg!

Introducing MTS High’s new travelling trophy: Woofie.

Woofie will recognize high school staff accomplishment. Here’s how it works, the person with the Woofie Award, chooses and presents it to the next recipient of the award, weekly.  So, when Woofie comes to a staff member, he or she keeps him for a week and then presents him to another staff member.

First Woofie Recipient, Beth Ingberg, MTS Academic Dean, presented by Principal Ronglien.  

Beth does so much behind the scenes work to keep MTS High running smoothly with schedule changes, academic advising for students and some frequent brainstorming, humor, and teamwork that everyone benefits from, including the principal.  In addition to all of this she’s worked long hours, working on the Minnesota Common Course Catalog with Minnesota Department of Education.

If you are an MTS student, you know Beth. She’s helping you stay on track to graduate. She is supporting you and holding you accountable. She goes above and beyond for you.

Congratulations, Beth Ingberg, you are one of the reasons MTS is helping students and closing the achievement gap right here at MTS.

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