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Getting ready to start a new year at MTS!

Let’s celebrate a great new year! Join us on Saturday, August 16, from 11-2, right out front of the school. Meet staff, tour the schools and get schedules in order. This is a great event to start the new school year right. Download a flyer right here.

Apply Today


  • Flexible transportation
  • Small, personalized classes
  • Supportive community
  • Online & In school options
  • Flexibility
  • Free, public charter

The District office (and the High School) located at: 2872 26th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406 612.235.5932 with any questions.

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Take a look inside MTS Elementary! http://mtcs.org/blog/take-look-inside-mts-elementary/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=take-look-inside-mts-elementary http://mtcs.org/blog/take-look-inside-mts-elementary/#comments Thu, 17 Jul 2014 17:59:00 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=2333 Here are some of the highlights of our beautiful new school in Northeast Minneapolis, with a long, award winning history. We will give you a personal tour any time, just contact us (link to contact), or come see us during an open house on August 21, from 4-6.

Beautiful classrooms, talented and dedicated teachers for all our K-5 students
  • A spectacular media center and library
  • A state of the art science lab
  • The state’s smallest forest
  • Our own garden
  • Delicious breakfast and lunch served every day
  • A place where all the staff will know your student
And what makes MTS Elementary stand out?
  • Family Groups: students teach, learn and explore in Family Groups–weekly, across grades– examining careers, arts, and science.
  • Excellent education with extended, flexible transportation
  • Small class sizes where students get the attention they deserve
  • A great group of learning students wearing uniforms, working together
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News & Information for MTS High School Families http://mtcs.org/blog/news-information-mts-high-school-families-5/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=news-information-mts-high-school-families-5 http://mtcs.org/blog/news-information-mts-high-school-families-5/#comments Wed, 16 Jul 2014 13:08:21 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=2325
MTS Orientation and Registration is Wednesday, August 20, from 5:45 until 7pm. You won’t want to miss this, it will set you up for a year of

  • Meet the staff ,
  • Brief orientation on the year and expectations,
  • Finalize your schedule,
  • Celebrate a great new year!

It’s going to be a great year at MTS High, and Orientation will start it o right. We also have a district-wide open house from 11-2pm on Saturday, August 16, which is a great chance to visit sta and get settled for a new year.



Aug 11: Fall sports practice
Aug 16: District Registration event
Aug 20: Student orientation
Aug 25: School starts

School year 2014 & 15 is going to be great! We’ve listened to ideas and requests from students and sta and are adding some new activities to our great list of MTS High options. This fall will launch a few of them, the following sports will begin practice on August 11. If you are interested contact our Athletic Director jbirchem@mtcs.org for specific information.

  • Cross Country for Grades 7 – 12
  • Football for Grades 9 – 12
  • Girls Volleyball for Grades 8 -12

There will also be additional activities like: choir, student council and more. We will send more information about these options next month. MTS is committed to an exciting o ering of activities this school year. Stay tuned!


We have added a new core class at MTS High: Business Ed. In this exciting new addition, students will learn tools and 21st Century skills everyone needs to know for success in school and life. Here are highlights of this program:

  • Keyboarding
  • Introduction to business
  • Personal finance
Wrist Bands
MTS High School has
developed a “wrist band” reward program for all students on track to graduate as well as those who model good citizenship in our school.
Ninth and tenth grade students use academic planners to stay organized in their homework and assignments.
Career Academies
Try one of the MTS Career Academies:
JROTC Leadership
Digital Media
Sports Careers
Trades Skills
Check In
Call today and make sure you are registered and ready. We would love to hear from you
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Banaadir Academy’s End-of-Year Picnic Celebration. http://mtcs.org/blog/banaadir-academys-end-of-year-picnic-celebration/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=banaadir-academys-end-of-year-picnic-celebration http://mtcs.org/blog/banaadir-academys-end-of-year-picnic-celebration/#comments Tue, 03 Jun 2014 14:30:29 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=2116
Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated another great year at Banaadir!
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MTS Elementary Portfolio Night & Science Exhibit http://mtcs.org/blog/mts-elementary-portfolio-night-science-exhibit/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=mts-elementary-portfolio-night-science-exhibit http://mtcs.org/blog/mts-elementary-portfolio-night-science-exhibit/#comments Thu, 29 May 2014 15:35:41 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=2079 Nearly 150 students and their family joined MTS staff for Portfolio Night & Science Exhibit on Thursday, May 15. Portfolio Night is time for students to show-off what they have learned during the school year. Elementary Science FairThey gathered a variety of reading, math and writing assignments in their portfolios. Students then play a math game or spend time in a reading center to demonstrate for their families how it works ‘during the school day’. They can visit support teachers and other areas of the school, too. Lastly, families gathered around the science displays in the lab and students explained what they’d studied for several weeks in the science unit during Family Group.

Elementary Science Fair“Look, Mom, we made a hot air balloon and it really went up!” laughed one young student, showing pictures of the tissue paper balloon’s flight on the display board, and video footage of the ‘flight’ on the iPad.
Other science studies during this unit were: exploring taste, fitness and health, catapults and pulleys gardening/growing ‘student Chia Pets’ and more. Some students even set off a vinegar and soda powered rocket down the school hallway!

What is Family Group? Family groups at MTS meet each Friday morning with 2 teachers and fellow students Kindergarten through Grade 5. There are nine groups total and the same student groups meet for the whole year. Students learn from and help each other. The fifth and final Family Group unit study was science, in preparation for the Science Exhibit Night. In the fall each Family Group studied what it meant to be a community, the next unit was Celebrations around the World. Elementary Science FairIn January careers were featured; where dozens of parents and professionals came and talked about their careers. Just before Spring Break the topic was Art and Artists.

Family Groups and Family Nights are just another way MTS Elementary commits to learning, experience and exploration – together.

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Check Out Mr. Hall’s 4th Grade’s Limerick Poems http://mtcs.org/blog/check-out-mr-halls-4th-grades-limerick-poems/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=check-out-mr-halls-4th-grades-limerick-poems http://mtcs.org/blog/check-out-mr-halls-4th-grades-limerick-poems/#comments Thu, 22 May 2014 14:02:46 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=2030 Summer Fun!
By Abdi Rahman Ibrahim

In the Summer I play with my friend named Mike.
He and I both enjoy riding our bikes.
We like riding to the park.
When we get there, we hear dogs bark.
kiteAnd sometimes we like flying our kites.

Winter Go Away!
By Ansari Mohamed

Very cold winter, when will you please go away?
winterI love it when you snow, but I hate it when you stay!
For five months you have been here.
And I hope that spring will appear.
I want to play outside and have fun on the first warm day.

flowerThe Beautiful Flower
By Hakimo Mohamed

Once there was a flower that came from Brazil.
It was very beautiful and grew by a windmill.
It shone very brightly.
And it looked really friendly.
A duck waddled by and plucked it with its bill.

flowersBlooming Flowers
By Ilhan Jama   

Blooming flowers here and there.
Blooming flowers everywhere!
There is one under a maple tree.
There is one giving pollen to a honey bee.
And there is one being eaten by a bear!

frogFrogs in the Pond
By Ilhan Jama

There are three frogs in the pond.
Two frogs jumped on the lawn.
One climbed up a tree.
The other one got stung by a bee.
And the last one got eaten by a swan.

castleThe Poem Reader
By Kowsar Ali

There once was a girl who was fourteen.
She lived in a castle with a queen.
She wrote poems that rhymed.
And she enjoyed reading them all the time.
One day she read a poem that caused a scene.

cowgirlThe Cowgirl
By Maryan Adirahman

There once was a cowgirl named Jane.
She had fun riding the wide open range.
Her horse was big and fast.
And it loved eating fresh grass.
The cowgirl also liked playing rodeo games.

winningteamThe Winning Team
By Mohamed Ahmed

There once was a basketball team.
It had a winning scheme.
Jordan skillfully dunked the ball.
He did not let the game stall.
And all the fans would scream!

mouseThe Field Mouse
By Mumtaz Abdi

There once was a small field mouse.
He lived in a big white house.
The creature’s name was Billy.
And he liked being silly.
He also played with his friends in a tree house.

catThe Happy Cat
 By Muna Ali

There once was a gray happy cat.
It enjoyed being lazy and fat.
The cat’s favorite food was tuna.
And it always had fun playing with Muna.
It also learned how to fly like a bat.

dogfrogThe Dog and the Frog
By Said Hirsi

There once was a green and black tree frog.
And its best friend was a dog.
The frog jumped on the dog’s back.
And it wanted a ride called a piggyback.
The dog started to run like a hog.

dogThe Dog on the Street
By Yassin Sahal

There once was a dog that lived on a street.
And every night you could hear him weep.
The children were not home all summer long.
This made the poor dog bark a sad song.
Sometimes you would find him asleep.

cheeseThe Mouse and Cheese
By Zakeria Essa

There once was a very nice mouse.
It lived in a cozy warm house.
He loved eating cheddar cheese.
But it always made him sneeze.
Then he told his spouse.

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Nick R., passes Woofie Award to Art teacher, Dawn S.! http://mtcs.org/blog/nick-r-passes-woofie-award-to-art-teacher-dawn-s/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=nick-r-passes-woofie-award-to-art-teacher-dawn-s http://mtcs.org/blog/nick-r-passes-woofie-award-to-art-teacher-dawn-s/#comments Fri, 16 May 2014 16:16:17 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=1998 The MTS High Woofie Award was presented to Dawn S. who constantly goes the distance to support new teachers, fellow staff and students. She is always willing to lend supplies and help. Her dedication is impressive, you will find her at the school into the evening preparing for the next day. And when you come to the high school the first time, you will be impressed by the mural she helped students create.

“Here’s what Nick said, “Being a new teacher at MTS this year, one thing I really appreciated was how during the first few weeks of school Dawn would often stop by my classroom to see if I had any questions or if I needed any help with anything.

Dawn is the kind of person who sees that help is needed and jumps in and helps. She often stays after school to help with a backed-up t-shirt order. She is dependable, never complaining. Recently, when I was away, Dawn organized students from art and design classes to complete an important t-shirt order on time. When I returned, a few of those students just beamed about the great job they had done and I could tell what a strong sense of accomplishment they felt.

Thanks for all you do Dawn and enjoy your week with Woofie!”

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Beth Ingberg, Counselor and Dean passed on the Woofie Award to Nick Reitenour http://mtcs.org/blog/beth-ingberg-counselor-and-dean-passed-on-the-woofie-award-to-nick-reitenour/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=beth-ingberg-counselor-and-dean-passed-on-the-woofie-award-to-nick-reitenour http://mtcs.org/blog/beth-ingberg-counselor-and-dean-passed-on-the-woofie-award-to-nick-reitenour/#comments Tue, 06 May 2014 17:42:42 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=1980 As many MTS high school staff know, Nick transitioned from teaching graphic arts to teaching Special Ed in the middle of the year with very little notice.  He jumped into the role with full force, and dedication. There was a need in the MTS District and he filled it. And, not only did he transition to Special Ed, but he gave up a prep time and is still working with the screen printing business in the Digital Media Academy.

It is quite a juggling act to work with both of these wonderful and challenging positions.  Throughout all this transition Nick has not complained once. Everyone truly appreciates his willingness to roll with the changes and do what is best for the students of MTS.  Students and staff count on Nick for his creative, positive energy here at MTS.

Thank you Nick for all that you do!!

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End of the Year Picnic Celebration http://mtcs.org/blog/end-of-the-year-picnic-celebration/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=end-of-the-year-picnic-celebration http://mtcs.org/blog/end-of-the-year-picnic-celebration/#comments Tue, 06 May 2014 17:40:29 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=1977 BanaadirSummerBBQ.fwEnd of the year picnic celebration!

May 30th | 5-7pm

Summer Park
8th Ave N & Bryant Ave.
N Minneapolis, MN 55411

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Banaadir Academy is proud to announce we are a site for Reading Corps and Math Corps during the 2014-15 school year! http://mtcs.org/blog/banaadir-academy-is-proud-to-announce-we-are-a-site-for-reading-corps-and-math-corps-during-the-2014-15-school-year/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=banaadir-academy-is-proud-to-announce-we-are-a-site-for-reading-corps-and-math-corps-during-the-2014-15-school-year http://mtcs.org/blog/banaadir-academy-is-proud-to-announce-we-are-a-site-for-reading-corps-and-math-corps-during-the-2014-15-school-year/#comments Tue, 06 May 2014 17:37:24 +0000 http://mtcs.org/?p=1970 Compensation and Benefits

Reading Corps (full-time)
Stipend of $484 biweekly
Education award of $4,645
Limited benefits for health insurance
Childcare assistance
Math Corps (part-time)
Stipend of $242 biweekly
Education award of $2,822


  • Strong interest in education, specifically helping young children practice reading skills
  • Experience working with children, preferably as a literacy tutor
  • Dedication to community service
  • Computer skills, including the ability to navigate and use online database systems and e-mail
  • Speak, read, and write English fluently
  • Organized, responsible, flexible, motivated, professional
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to accept and incorporate constructive feedback from coaches and program staff
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Ability to commit to 11 months of service (most tutors will begin August 10, 2014)

o Full-time tutors complete 1720 hours (about 40 hours/week)

o Part-time tutors complete 920 hours (about 20 hours/week).

  • High school diploma or GED and must be at least 18-years-old
  • As per federal AmeriCorps regulations, you must be a U.S. Citizen or lawful Permanent Resident Alien

How To Apply:

We would like to place a member before May 30, 2014.

Go to www.MinnesotaReadingCorps.org or www.MinnesotaMathCorps.org

Strong preference is given to tutors who can start serving August 10, 2014.

Send questions to Maria Staire at mstaire@emailmtcs.org or recruitment@servemnaction.org.

One year. This year. Serve to grow.


http://mtcs.org/blog/banaadir-academy-is-proud-to-announce-we-are-a-site-for-reading-corps-and-math-corps-during-the-2014-15-school-year/feed/ 0