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Building Maintenance:
Students will be instructed on the basic wiring, plumbing, painting, patching and repair of walls, and all other aspects of the care of a commercial building

Advanced Woodworking:
Students will learn to craft more complex pieces of furniture and cabinetry, Students will complete one major project by course end.

Intro to Carpentry:
Students will learn basic construction and wiring. Major project will be construction of a free standing tool shed, to be sold to the public at course end. Students will complete one additional major project during the course.

After a year of academy classes, students will move into internship positions with MTS community partners.


Course understandings:

Students will understand that safety encompasses both knowledge of tools and the safe practices related to them.

Blue Prints:
Students will understand both construction material composition and the dimensions of those materials. Students will differentiate between various products and identify correct applications and uses of those products.

Construction Principles:
Students will understand and use small project construction principles, including sides, foundations, finishes, appropriate use of finishes, and structural skeletons.

Application of Mathematics:
Students will understand the American Standard Measurement system and why geometry and algebra are important in construction.

Carpentry Careers:
Students will explore a variety of construction careers. Students will be given the opportunity to experience real-world construction sites, learn specialized skills from community experts, and experience unpaid and paid internships.