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1800 Second Street, Northeast
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Phone: (612) 729-9140
Fax: (612) 729-6275
Elementary Hours: 7:30-2:30

Minnesota Transitions Elementary School

MTS is an established, award winning school offering great education, small class sizes and regular hands-on and community experiences to K-5 students, and has been for 17 years. MTS has all the great and important things you expect in a school: solid academics and hands on learning. And MTS is a free, public, charter school. Our students wear uniforms to build community and keep our focus on learning.

MTS Elementary SchoolMTS makes a real difference for all our kids.

MTS Elementary is inspired by arts and science. Our new location has a state-of-the-art science lab and gardens surrounding the school. We plan to get our hands dirty and learn.

Along with a strong elementary curriculum, we infuse our program with plenty of activity. Along with regular in and out of school events and experiences, we also create at least one performing arts program with students from all grades. In 2012 we performed the Nutcracker in full costume.

Meet Our Staff!

MTS Elementary SchoolWe take Activities seriously – a lot of learning happens

  • Weekly assemblies
  • Fall Open House
  • Apple orchard
  • Reading extravaganza
  • Arts performance (in 2012 we performed the Nutcracker)
  • Valentine’s Day breakfast
  • Roller Garden
  • Creative Arts Day
  • Field Day in the fall and spring
  • All school dance performance
  • Monthly performances by each grade
  • Full student council
  • Portfolio Night
  • Great support and coordinated services
  • Title programming
  • Full realm of special education services and evaluations
  • Access to Way to Grow resources

MTS Elementary is a real community.

MTS Elementary SchoolWe wear uniforms at MTS elementary because it builds community and keeps things simple and focused on learning. Once a week, students start their day in the gym for an assembly led by the school director. Along with weekly news, one grade is in charge of special happenings. Before the students are released back to classes, they repeat the school rouser, written by an MTS Elementary student.

MTS elementary also has a full-functioning student council.  Students are encouraged to run for the council and they meet regularly to impact decisions that effect the community.

Take a peek inside our school

MN Transitions Charter Schools – Elementary – 1800 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

We are very excited about and proud of our beautiful new school. Your students will be very safe in this high security building. There is a beautiful library and media center, science lab, open and sunny classrooms, and access to gardens and playgrounds outside.

About our new school:

  • Very safe – remarkable security system
  • Our very own gardens
  • Right next to park systems
  • Before and after childcare right on site
  • Way to Grow and Turnquist Center right in the building as partners
  • Very cool collaborations with partners in the Northeast community
  • Virtual tour
  • Transportation

We provide busing from all around the Minneapolis area (not limited to a specific zone) and many suburbs. Please request information here. The school is also conveniently located on the bus 11 route making the school very convenient for families and visitors of the school.