image_for_test_resourceMTS schools begin testing the week of April 14.
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MTS Middle School Students Opportunities and experiences in Middle School can shape student’s lives – leading to success in high school, college, and beyond.

MTS Middle School is committed to helping its students set and reach high expectations with focus on academics and exploration. The school has a strong community that celebrates traits such as:

  • Student Leadership
  • Academic progress
  • Perfect attendance
  • Perseverance
  • and many more

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100% Every Day

We expect a lot, from our students and our staff. Teachers create engaging classes for students to learn and try all kinds of things. Our 100% expectation is why MTS Middle was recognized as a Celebration School.

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  • Uniforms
  • Great Technology
  • Community
  • Caring staff
  • Chance to explore
  • Flexible and extended transportation

Phone: 612-724-4680 – Email: - Calendar