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Our 4th graders singing for neighborhood seniors at the NE Friendship Center

Thank You MTS Elementary!

In December 2014 the Friendship Center received a phone call from Nancy Youngman, a teacher at the MTS Elementary […]

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January MTS Elementary School Newsletter

Welcome Back! I hope your Winter Break went well. We are all fired-up about the beginning of the 2015 with our students.

MTS Elementary is a loving, nurturing, and learning community that cares about your child. We are committed to providing support and encouragement. We develop student self-confidence along with the right tools for academic success.

Our school is enjoying its second year in Northeast Minneapolis at a beautiful location with plenty of room to grow. Features of the school are: beautiful sunlit classrooms, a full gym, library and even has its own gardens and a small forest—all right next to a park.

Along with a focus on academics, the school has a lively program called Family Groups, where students across grades, in small groups gather on Friday mornings and explore three units during the school year: Arts, Science, and Careers. Where else will a Kindergartner get the benefit of exploring a career as a doctor, build a rocket, and make a painting like Monet—side by side with a Fifth grader?

MTS Elementary is a free K-5 public charter school.

At MTS we are inspired by:

  • Arts and science
  • Curiosity of our students
  • Expertise of our teachers
  • Commitment of our parents

Our K-5 school offers:

  • Small class sizes, an average of 20 students
  • Extended transportation area for students
  • A community: uniforms, weekly school assemblies, our own student created rouser, an active student council and leadership opportunities
  • School-wide events throughout the year
MTS Elementary School