Want to jumpstart a career in the trades or learn valuable skills you can use today?

Learn important skills in the Trade Skills Academy, like:
  • Building maintenance and repair
  • Advanced woodworking and craftsmanship
  • Intro to Carpentry
  • And much more
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  • welders

Trade Skills students weld their own tool boxes

MTS High School and Minneapolis, Roosevelt are collaborating to offer students great opportunities. MTS students spend a couple periods at Roosevelt learning and practicing […]

  • Trade Skills Academy Deer Stand

Trade Skills Academy = Learning and Doing

They aren’t quite building a house in the Trade Skills Academy this week, but they are using many important parts of building a house, like […]

We will also connect you to valuable internship and work opportunities where you can earn credit and money while you work toward your High School Diploma.

As a stand-alone strand of the MTS High School, the Trade Skills Academy is committed to preparing students for a career in the fields of Carpentry,Woodworking, and Building Maintenance. At Trade Skills, we value strong academics and dedicated attendance – and our students are school leaders in both grades and behavior.

MT Trade Skills Academy

Building Maintenance:  Students are instructed on basic wiring, plumbing, painting, wall repair, and all other aspects of the care of a commercial building

Advanced Woodworking:  Students learn to craft complex pieces of furniture and cabinetry. Past projects include book shelves, toy chests, and benches.

Intro to Carpentry:  Students learn basic construction and wiring. Each semester, students construct a free-standing tool shed with a finished interior and working lights and electrical outlets.

Internships:  After completing a year of academy classes, students move into internship positions with MTS’s community and industry partners.