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One staff member said, “Every day presents an exciting opportunity to change the life of young people.

MCTS is a rich blend of learning options that is exciting for staff and students.  We offer K-12 public education in-school, online, and a unique blend of both.  As the largest charter school in the state, we are able to offer many opportunities you might not find in smaller schools, while at the same time, the individual schools are known for small class sizes and a very personalized approach in the classroom.

MTCS specializes in working with students who have been underserved—that means we are looking for educators who want to make a real difference in the lives of youth.  We have a vibrant restorative justice approach to solving school issues, and we are very committed to racial equity and have many opportunities to learn and engage on how to grow understanding of how to work best with students from a variety of backgrounds and situations.

Many staff describe the culture at MTCS as almost a family—working together to make a difference.

At MTCS we know we are only as good as our educators and we are committed to finding the best.

Working at this school makes you feel like you are part of a community.” We hope you consider our schools as a great place to work and make a real difference.

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MTCS Staff
MTCS Staff
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