Banaadir Academy – Math & Science

Banaadir Math & Science is a tuition-free, public school, and a member of the Minnesota Tranisitions Charter School (MTCS), a K-12 academic community. Located in South Minneapolis, the program shares its home with MTS Secondary and General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy.

Banaadir Math & Science opened its doors in the fall of 2017 and serves students in grades 7-8, eventually growing into a 7-12 program. Students are held to high educational standards through an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math.

Highlights of the Banaadir Math & Science program include:

  • STEM courses to advance students’ high quality education
  • Extracurricular activities, such as basketball and soccer
  • After-school programs to build a community of learners
  • Family involvement to ensure a comprehensive educational plan
  • Blended learning options that deliver online, self-paced curriculum with the support of onsite staff
Banaadir Mission

The mission of Banaadir Academy is to enable each student to become a responsible, competent and prepared lifelong learner, as well as a conscientious citizen.

Feeder School

Banaadir Math & Science completes the MTCS K-12 Banaadir experience. Feeder schools include Banaadir North, located in North Minneapolis, and Banaadir South, located blocks away from Math & Science in South Minneapolis.

For information about Banaadir Math & Science, email us at or call 612-722-3294.

Banaadir Academy

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