Take A 3D Virtual Tour of MTS Secondary School

Take A 3D Virtual Tour of MTS Secondary School

At MTS we say: Our School is Your School. | Mi Escuela es Tu Escuela | Iskuulkaygu Waa Iskuulkaygu

Education and Inspiration at MTS Secondary

Check out our big, bright, beautiful MTS Secondary School located in the heart of South Minneapolis just steps from the light rail station, not far from the river and downtown. Tap on the video image and use the scroll arrows on your computer or simply drag your finger through the school on your touch screen device. You can wander the halls, check out the classrooms and get a real feel for what it’s like at MTS.

MTS Secondary is known for its wide options of core classes, creative arts programs and blended learning options (in classroom and online course work) which means students have lots of choices about how and what they learn.

Click to take a 3D tour of MTS Secondary School

MTS Secondary is a 7-12 program. Here are some of our features:

  • A JROTC Leadership program with a mission to inspire students to be better citizens—offering all kinds of experiences in school and around the community to build skills and leadership.
  • Remarkable support and the resources students need to stay in school.
  • Creative options—music study, bands and performances, visual arts, and digital arts including photography, design and video (in a full video studio).
  • Commitment to restorative justice and race equity with innovative student and staff work (which you can read a lot more about coming up).
  • A focus on career exploration, and staff support so students are prepared for strong careers and post secondary school opportunities.

These are just some of the offerings at MTS Secondary school. After you take you take this online tour, give us a call for a ‘real’ tour or talk to an admissions specialist today, MTCS.org/tour.

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