MTS Secondary meets you exactly where you are and delivers school how you need it—so you can go where you want to go.  Don’t you think school should feel this good?

MTS Secondary offers you 25 years of history in our brand new school!  Our beautiful new space, with open areas and collaborative spaces feels like a college campus for grades 7-12.

What makes MTS Secondary so amazing is its flexibility and options. If school hasn’t worked so well in the past, what we do very well is put together a program specifically, uniquely for you, with support. You can succeed at MTS.

Here’s what makes MTS Secondary so great:

Student-centered learning—means school meets you wherever you are and helps you get where you’re going.  We listen to what you need with amazing staff to support you.

Flexible & Personal Education—with programs and schedules created with individual student needs in mind—even part online, if you need more flexibility in your schedule, or a specialty class.

Career & College Exploration—this new, cool pathway allows students to combine high school with college and career exploration until age 21. That means you can finish high school fully ready for what’s next, with support from our team.

Options—like JROTC leadership, arts specialties and extracurriculars—when you have interests and passions at school, you are more likely to do well.  Our General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy helps you develop leadership and teamwork, and our arts and music programs are very engaging.

Rich resources and opportunities—because MTS Secondary is part of the largest charter school network in the state, we can offer opportunities that other schools can’t.  We will find a way to make school meet your needs.

Small caring environment—MTS has very small, personal classes where your teachers know you well, and know what you are capable of and work with you to reach your goals. There are also counselors, success coaches and more.  It makes all the difference.

School dedicated to equity and restorative justice—diversity and acceptance is who we have always been and after the destruction of our school in the civil unrest, we are coming back stronger and more dedicated than ever to our commitment to each and every student, and their diversity of color, culture, gender, orientation, whoever you are, you can bring your true you to MTS.

Don’t you think school should feel this supportive and good? It’s a whole community where people are committed to your success.  And that makes all the difference.  Reach out for a tour, with questions, or enroll today!

MTCS K-12 is the largest group of charter schools in the state of Minnesota. We are a tuition-free, public school with eight options that serve students in the Twin Cities metro area through our brick and mortar school sites, as well as greater Minnesota through our online options.  You want to be part of MTCS.  One of our programs is waiting for you!

K-12 MTS with 25 years of experience for you.

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