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Beginning on March 29, 2021, MTS Secondary will begin offering a hybrid learning option for our students.

Hybrid Learning is a mix between distance learning and in person learning. In person days will be full days that mirror the student’s daily online schedule.

Beginning March 29th, you will have the choice to send your child to school 2 days per week. We will host 7th-9th grade students on Mondays and Tuesdays and 10th-12th grade students on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Fridays will be distance learning days for all students.

* 10th grade could be shifted to Mon/Tues if numbers are required to balance for social distancing.

  • Every student will be provided with a school bus or a van. For safety reasons, we are requiring all students to arrive and depart the school via school transportation. We cannot safely monitor students from the school space to the train station. Limiting students to school provided transportation allows for school staff to monitor and ensure the safety of your child from the time they arrive at school until the time they depart the school.
  • Students that miss their school provided transportation will be asked to join their classes from home.
  • Students that attempt to arrive at the school late or leave the school early by using their own methods of transportation risk being approached by Mall of America security. It is our preference that students avoid interactions with mall security personnel for your student’s safety. Those encounters can be avoided by using school provided transportation.
  • If a student will arrive at school late (parent drop off), they will be required to call the school (612-722-9013) with their expected arrival time.

Classes will be in session on site from 8:20-3:15.

  • Beginning Monday March 1st, our staff will call every family individually to talk about our hybrid learning plan and to ask if your family has made a decision about the learning model that is best for your child. You can also call the front office at 612-722-9013 to tell us of your decision.
  • If we do not hear from a family on their hybrid / distance learning decision students will default to remain in distance learning.

You will be called during the week of March 1 by:

  • 7th grade – Allison Raney
  • 8th grade – Shawn Fondow
  • 9th grade – Erin Riipi
  • 10th grade -Brian Lloyd
  • 11th grade -Mary Wattley
  • 12th grade – Jake Estenson
  • 12th grade – Rashel Lane

We respect that decision. Your student will continue with distance learning in the same way they have throughout the year. They will continue with the same schedule, with the same teachers, and with the same classmates. Nothing will change.

Yes. The deadline for a decision about the best learning model for your child is March 12. We will need the time between March 12 and March 29 to plan for in person meals and to create transportation routes for our students.

There will be an opt in / opt out period from April 22-26. If you change your mind about the best way for your child to learn, tell us during the opt in / opt out window and we will work to make that change effective as of May 3.

Every person entering our school will be required to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. The protocols include:

  • Temperature screening for every person that enters the school
  • Mask and hand sanitizer check upon arrival daily
  • Extra masks available for students
  • Hand sanitizer available throughout the school
  • Correct mask usage
  • Maintaining social distance in classroom spaces
  • Physical barriers for use between students and staff
  • Assigned meal seating for purposes of contact tracing
  • Staff assigned to offer reminders to students and staff that forget to follow protocols.
  • Intensified cleaning of work stations and equipment / utensils

We understand that “school” and the “Mall of America” aren’t a natural fit. We have hosted 100 unique students over dozens of sessions of in person tutoring between September and February. We have used this time to learn best practices for working with students in this space. Our number one priority is the safety of your child. Some of the ways we will keep your child safe at school:

    • Escort students riding school transportation into and out of the building from the loading area which is adjacent to our space.
    • Escort students for bathroom breaks.
    • No student will have permission to leave the physical space of the school without advanced permission from the parent / guardian. (Field trips, learning opportunities, etc.)
    • It is important that we are all good tenants in our temporary home at the Mall of America. In the event of negative / unsafe student behaviors while attending in person learning, a restorative conversation will take place with the student and family with a possibility of a recommendation to return to distance learning.

We want to make sure our teachers are prepared to educate your child and to keep your child safe. We will spend time learning the best ways to teach when you have students in your classroom and in a distance learning model at the same time. We will spend time teaching mock lessons so teachers know how to interact with students in person and at home simultaneously. We will spend time teaching health and safety protocols to our staff.

Don’t forget your mask! It will also be important that students bring their charged computer with them daily. We would also like students to bring paper, pencils, and folders with them to school. We will also have supplies on hand.

No. It is a recommendation of the Minnesota Department of everyone, students and staff get tested every two weeks to mitigate the spread of COVID now that larger groups of people will be assembling on a more regular basis. This is a recommendation, not a requirement. More information regarding free testing options can be found here: MDH Free Testing Information

Please keep your child home if they are having any flu or COVID related symptoms. Your student will be able to join their class as normal through distance learning. There is no penalty for staying home from school and joining online.

  • 2/26 – Hybrid learning plan sent to families
  • 3/1 – Personal phone calls begin
  • 3/11 – Teacher Planning Day – No school for students
  • 3/12 – Opt in / Opt out date for families
  • 3/17 – Teacher Planning Day – No school for students
  • 3/18 – Teacher Planning Day – No school for students
  • 3/19 – Community Resource Fair – On site at MOA
  • 3/22-3/26 – Spring Break
  • 3/29 – Hybrid learning begins
  • 4/22-4/26 – Change in learning option window
  • 5/3 – Changes in learning model decisions take effect
  • 6/9 – Last day of school
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