Welcome to the 11th Grade Counseling Page!

Your junior year is an important time to start planning for your senior year and graduation.

Keeping your grades strong, looking at post-secondary school options and thinking about what you are interested in doing are some of the highlights of this time.

This check-off sheet and plan will help you stay on track and know when to do important tasks and make connections so that you are all set.

Wednesday After School Homework Help at MTS Secondary 3:49pm-5:30pm

Use Google as a resource to help with a math problem you need help with.

  1. Google ‘solving 2-step algebra problems’
  2. Google ‘writing linear rules from a table’
  3. Google ‘graphing linear equations in slope intercept form’
  4. Google ‘writing exponential rules from a table’
  5. Google ‘solving systems of linear equations’
  6. Google ‘graphing linear inequalities’
  7. Google ‘evaluating functions’
  8. Google ‘defining domain range on graph
  9. Google ‘quadratic transformations’

Tips for using Google to get math help

  • Add the word ‘math’ to whatever you google. For example: google ‘finding slope math’
  • Add the word ‘Spanish’ or ‘Somali’ to find resources in a first language
  • Add the word ‘definition’
    Example: google ‘slope math definition’
  • Click ‘images’ after googling. You often will learn more by looking at a visual.
  • Click ‘video’ after googling. Watch a 2-10 minute video to help you learn.
    If the first video does not make sense, don’t watch the whole thing, stop and find a better video.