About Us

MTS was established in 1997 to offer students a robust learning environment during all phases of their education path. Our team understands that every student learns differently, and we work with students and families to create experiences tailored to individual needs. We are committed to helping young people prepare for their whole lives and being ready to succeed in their college or career readiness after graduation.

Here are a few reasons why MTS is a wonderful school for your student:

  • MTS provides a welcoming and safe environment for students with diverse backgrounds. When traditional schooling isn’t the right fit, MTS offers individualized learning and small classes to give students the attention they need to succeed.
  • Students and parents can access MTS from anywhere in the metro area. We provide transportation all over the metro so even if you move, your school can stay the same. Let us know where you live, and we’ll look into the best options for you.
  • MTS is committed to our students and families. We have resources that smaller schools don’t, like work study options, credentials and career prep and a team of caring staff who are invested in your student’s future.
A good education is more than the basic curriculum – it’s relationships, opportunities and experiences that prepare students for what they’ll need to succeed in college, work and life!

Come and see for yourself. Request a tour or more information today.