Banaadir Academy, where academic excellence and cultural values coexist!
Banaadir is a free K-8 charter school connected to MTS (Minnesota Transitions Charter School). Located in North Minneapolis, the school is focused on serving 300+ students in the community. Staff and students are proud of their beautiful school. It offers lots of room to grow, a combined cafeteria/gymnasium, computer lab, and outdoor playground.

“Our desire is for our students to be provided with an environment that is safe, caring, and conducive to learning,” said Director Shawn Fondow. With many English learners, Banaadir’s ELL staff strives to provide instruction for academic and linguistic competence. Such competence will enable students to achieve on the same basis as native speakers of English and to participate successfully in the mainstream of American society.

The mission of Banaadir Academy is to enable each student to become a responsible, competent, and prepared lifelong learner, as well as a conscientious citizen.

Providing programs and opportunities that enable students to:

  • Develop positive self-esteem and interpersonal relationships
  • Continue building academic competencies and critical thinking skills
  • Practice problem solving and decision making
  • Explore their aptitudes, interests, and creative abilities
  • Develop a sense of responsibility to themselves, their home, and their community

Note to Parents

Priority School Designation Letter


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