Diego Carreno memorized three poems to recite them at the Poetry Out Loud Competition, held at The Loft, on March 7th. Diego recited his first two poems during the first two rounds, and he was not one of the six students chosen to move on to the State Finals , and there was no tie, he did not have the chance to recite his third poem. The contestants were not ranked, but only six moved on from his round of twenty-one.

Four of his classmates and the three English teachers went to support him. Each of those students had competed in the classroom competition, and Diego won the school-wide competition in December. The students were impressed with the level of competition that the other contestants brought. “It doesn’t seem bad to lose in a competition where people were so skilled,” said one of the other students.

Ms. McMahon, Mrs. Falkum and Mr. Jorgensen were all impressed with the efforts of a lot of MTS students, but they realized that next year we have to bring it up to the next level. They are inspired and challenged to keep Poetry Out Loud as part of our high school curriculum.