This program is out and about in the community all the time. We do Color Guard and Drill and Ceremony at numerous community events and services, we have fun outings, we visit the ROTC program at the University of Minnesota, and much more. If you like hands-on learning with lots of experiences, you will love this program.

This small, personalized, high school program gives you a chance to build your leadership skills, even leading your classmates, and being led by them, community service, communication skills, physical fitness, self-motivation techniques and lots of team building skills.

The number of students varies from year to year, but we are proud to keep the program smaller and individualized so students can really soar. This year there are about 65 students. There is a lot of camaraderie in this program.

There are two summer Leadership Labs which are 2 day programs where current students and prospective (or just curious) students experience the JROTC program—one program will take place at Base Cap and includes rock climbing, ropes courses, team building and more.

Students wear khaki pants and black polo shirts every day except for Wednesday when students wear full army uniform.

The MTS JROTC Program is a school with a school and students in the Leadership Academy will graduate from MTS High, fully meeting the Minnesota state standards. There are specific leadership classes and curriculum.

Absolutely not! This is not a military recruitment program, this is a leadership academy with the mission to motivate young people to be better citizens. If you are interested in a military career, however, it is a great way to start.

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