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MTS Social Workers

Saraya Dahlen is exclusively at PEASE and Courtney Stenseth is available to all other MTS programs, but primarily housed within the high school.

As school social workers, we are viewed as the link between the school, home and the community.

We are a part of the educational team to promote and support students academic and social success by providing services that may include:

  • Assessing student needs
  • Help manage mental health symptoms
  • Individual and group therapeutic services
  • Crisis intervention and prevention
  • Work with both general education and special education students
  • Advocating for students
  • Education and training for parents and staff
  • Information and collaboration with community resources
  • Knowledgeable about rights for our homeless students and families

School Social Workers help students to:

  • cope with difficult and crisis situations
  • develop self-esteem
  • learn problem solving, conflict resolution, and healthy decision making skills
  • have positive and healthy relationships

In order to eliminate barriers to our students and families, the Stephan Graham Resource Center was created in memory of the late Stephan Graham. This is a space that has clothing, hygiene products, household items, coats, blankets, food, backpacks, shoes, boots, and baby supplies available for our students and families. If you are in need of any of these items, please contact Courtney. Also, if you would like to donate to the Stephan Graham Resource Center, please check out our link at

Questions, please contact Courtney Stenseth @ or 612-235-5780