Supplemental Part-Time Enrollment

Minnesota Virtual High School offers Minnesota students the opportunity to take a class they need, or up to half their classes while staying in their home district school.

Quick facts about Part-time Online

  • Students remain full-time at and graduate from their local district

  • 9-12th grade classes offered – see our course offerings

  • Easy enrollment process gets students started quickly

  • Flexibility to take one course or up to 50% of courses online per term

  • No cost to students or families

  • Duration and selection of course(s) are approved by the local school counselor

  • All material is online through written and video content

  • Courses are aligned to the Minnesota Department of Education Academic Standards

  • Bi-weekly progress reports provided along with academic and technical support

  • Transcripts with letter grade for each completed course sent to home school

How MNVS Supplemental Online Courses Benefits Students

Supplemental online courses are helpful to students facing the following examples:

  • Scheduling conflicts

  • Course variety needs

  • Alternate learning styles

  • Bullying issues

  • Early graduation needs

  • Mental health situations

  • Physical restrictions

  • Credit recovery

  • Quicker or slower pacing

  • 24/7 access to courses

  • Flexible start and end dates

How MNVS Supplemental Online Courses Benefits Home Districts

  • Expand your school’s part-time teaching options, and specialty curriculum
  • Options to a variety of honors courses covering many subjects
  • Adaptive PE course to meet the needs of a variety of students’ needs, abilities and schedules
  • Variety of career-focused and unique electives
  • Access to language courses like advanced Spanish, and other specialty courses

Here’s how part-time supplemental works:

Students log into the classroom website which holds all the content and assessments for each class in which they are enrolled. They can work at their own pace revolving around their own schedule, though more time may be needed for their difficult subjects in order to meet attendance requirements. All assessments are submitted within the classroom website. Students always start at the beginning of the course and must finish their courses by the end of the term regardless of when they start.

Attendance is based on progress in courses – progress is made when students complete and submit assessments and following the course schedule ensures full attendance. Students who do not complete work could risk being dropped from part-time enrollment. Our part-time coordinator is the main point of contact for families and the local school counselors and oversee attendance compliance.

Students with IEPs may take classes as a part-time student and teachers will provide accommodations listed on the IEP. Direct instruction is not provided by MNVS teachers to part-time students.

Once a student has completed their course(s) MNVS will send a transcript to their local school counselor on file. Part-time students do not earn a diploma from MNVS. Their home school tracks graduation requirements and would provide a diploma upon completion of their required courses and testing. MNVS classes go towards the required courses.

Teachers are available for help during regular school hours or by appointment; each teacher has set aside specific chat hours for immediate help. Teachers utilize chat, phone, email, and a shared-screen program as needed to communicate with students. They want to meet students where they’re at and help them complete their courses successfully.

Student can work 24/7 beginning the morning of their start date until the end of term. There is not a required time they must be online any particular day. MNVS recommends one hour for each class for each school day.

All content material is online and meets state education requirements. Assessments are taken or uploaded and submitted online. There is a lot of reading, some integrated videos and generally no recorded lectures. MNVS primarily uses Plato curriculum from Edmentum, however, teachers may utilize other curriculum in whole or in part for their courses.

As a public school there is no cost to students or parents. We do not provide courses for tuition pay.

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In order to enroll part-time, a student must:

  • Be enrolled or attend a Minnesota public school

  • Have available hours in schedule or drop certain class(es) to take them online

  • Be able to access a computer and internet regularly to complete work – whether it be at the local school, library, home or another location.

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