MTS Elementary Mission: To provide learning experiences with high expectations that support academic growth and enhance individual character in partnership with students, families and community within a supportive, safe and stable environment.

When you’re seen for who you really are—you just might be able to do anything. 

That’s our philosophy at MTS Elementary and why we put students at the center of everything we do and every decision we make.

MTS Elementary students receive a great balance of creativity, experiences, academics and personal attention.  Every Day.  Everyone in the building will know your student’s name, because we are committed to each student’s success.  As one MTS parent said, “MTS Elementary feels like a family, not just a school!”

Small Classrooms—give us the opportunity and the time to work with each and every student individually. MTS Elementary is such a strong community, it feels like family.

Personal Support—leads to strong relationships, growth and student success.  We have Success Teams and flexible learning groups to meet students exactly where they are.

Creativity & unique experiences—with residencies and the community to expand and enhance student learning.  Art, dancing, and all kinds of things enrich education and make learning engaging.

Student-centered learning and projects—provides children with freedom and choices about what and how they learn. A project focus sparks children’s curiosity and learning.

Diverse in all ways—belonging begins with being able to bring your true self, culture and interests to school.  We don’t expect students to conform, we see them for who they are and celebrate that.

Rich resources—be part of the largest charter district in the state.  MTS Elementary is one of 8 unique programs and that means we can provide transportation all around the metro area, as well as the most remarkable student services you will find anywhere.

MTS Elementary is located in South Minneapolis, just a few blocks from the brand new MTS Secondary for a wonderful K-12 experience.  The school has a brand new playground, is just down the street from a great Minneapolis park, and buses students from all around the metro.

The staff at MTS is committed to creating a learning atmosphere that is creative and positive. Take a look at our video, where a number of staff share what working at MTS means to them, and what they bring to their students.

Don’t you think school should feel this good for your child? Reach out for a tour, with questions, or enroll today!

MTS Elementary 1st Graders Celebrate Unity!

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