The K-12 academic community of MTCS is the largest group of charter schools in the state of Minnesota. We are a tuition-free, public school with nine options that serve students in the Twin Cities metro area through our brick and mortar school sites, as well as greater Minnesota through our online options.

The MTS Elementary experience is located in Northeast Minneapolis.

Rich with history and commitment to students, school and staff, the MTS Elementary experience offers a caring and supportive environment, specialized programs, arts electives and extracurricular activities.

Student growth is a priority of MTS Elementary, and we believe in the power of potential each of our students bring with them as they walk through our doors. Tapping into students’ strengths boosts confidence and self-worth, while making school more enjoyable.

Because of our invested and caring staff, students feel known and they know the adults they interact with. This atmosphere helps to motivate students to achieve and succeed, bond with school and be more engaged in their learning.

We welcome you to join our school-family community.