MTCS, your path to making a difference

Do you want to be part of something where you can change the course of lives by going to work?

If you are a change maker, an innovator, a leader, a believer in potential, Minnesota Transitions Charter School (MTCS) might be a perfect fit for you.  Here are some of the reasons MTCS is such an amazing place to work:


Quite simply, we have every style of learning and teaching in our programs because we’re more interested in student success than how we deliver education. That means you have a chance to work with awesome young people kindergarten through high school in a variety of settings, in physical schools, online, and an exciting blend of both. Options are good for students and staff.


MTCS has been a trailblazer from the beginning.  We specialize in working with students who have been underserved and we bring them school how they need it. We have eight programs each with a unique approach and style with exciting changes coming next year.  Here are a few ways we innovate:   blending online learning with classrooms, a highly personalized and local online program with strong student/staff connections,  incorporating recovery programs into education, supporting Somali speaking students with rich ELL support, developing arts with music and video studios, and growing character and leadership in academy that partners with the US Army and offers some of the best opportunities around.


Working at MTCS offers you get the best of big and small.  We are the largest charter school network in the state which means great benefits and opportunities, but our schools have small class sizes, and lots of opportunity to connect with each student.


As a charter school we are run by a teacher majority.  Teachers and parents run each of our schools and that means MTCS can stay focused on what students need. It is also an opportunity for you to be part of the Board of Directors and lead the direction of your school.


Our work is to keep students learning and in school all the way to graduation.  We are a trauma informed school, committed to equity, and restorative justice in every learning space. Through a weekly professional development, we invest in staff, dedicated to supporting your excellence in becoming the best you can be for students.


Because of all of these reasons, MTCS is able to respond quickly to the changing needs of students and the world.  During the quarantine, and with whatever needs the future will hold, MTCS is uniquely prepared because we already know how to do both online and in-school education for sixteen years.  We make it work.

Our team wants you to know

Minnesota Transitions Charter School is dedicated to finding and developing the best staff in the state.  Here are a few things our team want you to know about working here.

Work at MTCS Schools

What our teachers have to say

“It’s really cool to see a bigger vision being built day by day.”
Secondary Teacher

“Our class sizes are usually smaller than traditional public schools, allowing us to meet our students more frequently 1:1 and in small groups. We also get to know the families better, with fewer students.”
Elementary Teacher

“Our administrators, including the superintendent, are approachable and attentive.”
-Elementary Teacher

“We are supportive and are there for each other.”

“I can bring my true authentic self here.”
Social Worker

Work at MTCS Schools