English Language Learner Program

The goal of the English Learner program at MTS is to assist students in achieving Academic English Language proficiency in order to be successful learners in the classroom.

As long as students are classified as having limited English proficiency (LEP), the district seeks to ensure the development of a student’s academic language by employing a variety of program models. We provide either pull-out instruction, push-in instruction or a combination of the two for students who are identified as Level One through Level Four. We also train all of our highly-qualified teachers in sheltered instructional strategies in order to help students succeed in all academic subjects while becoming proficient in the English language. In addition, all of affected teachers in the district receive specific professional development in the area of teaching English Learners (ELs). All mainstream teachers are trained in an explicit focus on academic language and are responsible for teaching the academic language of their content area, and for developing differentiated lessons to meet student needs.

English Language Learner Program Contacts

Andrea Miller
Banaadir Academy
ELL Coordinator
Josh Payne
Banaadir Academy
ELL Teacher k-2
Tom Tesch
Banaadir Academy
ELL Teacher 5-6
Andrew Unseth
Banaadir Academy
ELL Teacher 7-8
Miriam Kim
Banaadir Academy
ELL Newcomer Teacher 6-8
Ismail Haji
Banaadir Academy
ELL Newcomer Teacher 3-5
Angie Hasch
Banaadir Elementary
K-5 ELL Teacher
Priscilla Martinez-Carlos
MTCS High School
7-12 ELL Teacher